Why subscribe to a group savings plan?

There are many advantages to offering a group savings plan to your company's employees. First and foremost, it's a major asset to the employment conditions you offer as an employer.

As you know, these conditions enable your company to be competitive and to recruit the best talent on the job market.

Benefits that stand out

  • Advantageous contributions, especially if the employer contributes.

  • Lower costs than individual insurance.

  • Simplified financial planning, enabling employees to better plan their financial future.

  • Access to numerous tax advantages, such as tax deductibility of contributions.

  • Professional management of investment portfolios.

  • The assurance of a comfortable retirement.

What types of savings plans are there?

There are many different savings plans, and each has its own advantages. That's why your AccèsConseil advisor helps your company and employees choose the most appropriate savings solutions.

AccèsConseil guides you in making informed choices among the different types of plans, such as :

  • Registered pension plans (RPPs);
  • Group registered retirement savings plans (RRSPs);
  • Voluntary retirement savings plans (RVER);
  • Deferred Profit Sharing Plan (DPSP);
  • Simplified Pension Plans (SPP);
  • Group Tax-Free Registered Accounts (TFSAs).

Contact your AccèsConseil advisor to help you choose the right solution for your company and your employees.