Why trust a bonds specialist?

A bond specialist allows you to benefit from financial expertise and a global vision of the surety market, which favours you and allows you to better manage your financial risks.

Bonding specialist

By working with an AccèsConseil advisor, you also benefit from various strategic plans to increase your bonding capacity, bid on larger projects and avoid the negative impacts of a business transfer.

AccèsConseil has a solid network of trusted contacts to help you maintain and improve your company's bonding capabilities. We're also your primary resource for support in the event of a claim, and to help you reduce your professional fee costs. Trusting AccèsConseil is the wisest choice to move your business forward.

What is surety bonding?

A surety bond is a credit tool, or financial guarantee, that every licensed contractor must post to ensure performance of his contractual obligations.

The Régie du bâtiment du Québec requires all construction contractors to hold a surety bond contract, with certain exceptions. This is a requirement to compensate those who have suffered loss as a result of the faulty execution or non-execution of construction work.

3 evaluation criteria determine the nature of a surety bond contract:

  • Capital
  • Character
  • Competence

A surety bond is a sign of confidence in a contractor, and an important factor in creating value for a company.