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Running an SMB involves many issues and challenges. As the best managers know, having the right support is one of the keys to entrepreneurial success. At AccèsConseil, you'll find a team of advisors working specifically in the specialized field of business insurance. Thanks to their expertise and knowledge, you'll benefit from comprehensive support tailored to every stage of your company's life.

Ensure the success of your business projects and protect your growth with AccèsConseil!

Property and liability insurance

Property and liability insurance offers essential coverage for any SMB, since it provides financial protection in the event of damage to your company's physical assets, such as buildings, machinery, computer equipment, inventory, and so on. 

They also cover your company's civil liability in the event of damage to third parties or their property.

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Insurance for commercial vehicles

Does your company use vehicles specifically dedicated to its business activities, such as trucks, vans or service cars? This insurance offers financial protection to cover costs incurred to your vehicles or to third parties involved in an accident.

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commercial vehicles

Directors & Officers Insurance

Should one of your company's directors or officers be sued, this insurance will guarantee financial protection in the event of claims such as employment practice suits, negligence, conflicts of interest, etc. This insurance is very important when directors and officers can be held personally liable for the company's actions.

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Cyber risk insurance

Cyber risk insurance

These days, all businesses face data breaches, hacking, phishing or other cybersecurity-related incidents. Cyber risk insurance therefore becomes essential to protect your SMB in the event of an attack, especially if it handles confidential customer information or depends on technology for its activities. In the event of an incident, the insurance will cover the associated financial losses.

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