Does your company need specialized insurance?

Did you know that many types of insurance exist to better protect your business? Depending on your business profile or the professional activities you carry out, certain coverages are a must. Talk to your AccèsConseil advisor to get the right guidance.

Errors and omissions

Also known as professional liability insurance, Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance covers your business in the event of professional errors, negligence or omissions committed.

Errors and omissions

This protection covers the defence costs and expenses associated with a professional liability claim, including damages that may be awarded to the plaintiff. In this way, it serves to protect a company's reputation and financial viability.

E&O insurance is an important, even essential, protection for professionals who provide services to their clients, such as lawyers, accountants, stockbrokers, financial advisors, insurers, real estate agents, architects and engineers. 

To find out more, talk to your AccèsConseil advisor!

Directors and officers

Are you a company executive, director or senior manager?

Be protected against claims related to management errors such as legal actions brought by investors, employees, customers, regulatory authorities and even other companies. In fact, companies that take out Directors & Officers insurance not only protect their executives and senior managers, but also make themselves more attractive to investors. 

Don't hesitate to ask your AccèsConseil advisor for more information!

Farm insurance

Do you own a farm?

Make sure you reap the rewards of your efforts by taking out insurance tailored to your business. 

AccèsConseil is here to advise you and guide you towards a farm insurance solution that meets your challenges and will protect your assets such as your animals, your sugar bush, your buildings, your farm products your machinery, your operating income, your home and your personal property.

Farm insurance