Property insurance


The function of business property insurance is to protect the physical assets of a company or SMB, such as buildings and real estate, equipment, merchandise and inventory, tools, machinery, computer hardware and any other type of physical asset essential to professional activities. 

Depending on the provisions chosen, this insurance covers damage caused by fire, flood, theft, vandalism, natural disasters and other types of loss that can result in significant financial losses for the company.

Your AccèsConseil advisor thus works to set up personalized property insurance coverage tailored to your company's needs as well as its activities.

Civil liability

Did you know that if one of your customers is injured while visiting your premises, you could be held liable? Civil liability insurance exists to protect you should this kind of situation arise. This insurance is essential to protect the company against the financial risks associated with civil liability. For example, legal defense costs are very high and can quickly jeopardize a company's finances if not covered by appropriate insurance.

Are you looking for advice and guidance to ensure that your company's liability insurance is adapted to its needs and challenges? Contact your AccèsConseil advisor.

Complex risks

Some businesses face more complex risks that are difficult to cover with a standard insurance policy. Fortunately, there are tailor-made policies available, adapted to different specific professional activities.

Think your business needs insurance to cover so-called complex risks? Contact your AccèsConseil advisor to explain your needs and concerns. He or she will be able to assess your risks, and research and negotiate the coverage you need to protect you.