Let us find your car insurance

Let us find your car insurance

Although automobile insurance is mandatory in Quebec, there are several types of products on the market.

At AccèsConseil, our advisors know all the possible solutions and can guide you towards the most profitable choice according to your driver profile, your type of vehicle and your needs.

And in the event of a problem, we act as an intermediary in your best interests. Now all you have to do is hit the road and leave the hassle behind!

Our different types of car insurance coverage

Did you know that auto insurance includes many types of protection, such as third-party liability, collision, theft, fire and more? 

There are even insurances for your valuable accessories, such as high-end speakers and customized rims, as well as replacement insurances that take care of replacing the vehicle if it is declared a total loss due to an accident, theft or other covered damage.

Custom rims

Specialty and high-value vehicles

Do you own a classic, antique or other high-value car? These types of vehicles may require specific insurance coverage due to their unique profile. 

First, it's important to properly assess the vehicle so that coverage matches its value. Coverage should also include expensive accessories and high-tech equipment that may be installed in these vehicles. 

What's more, for classic cars, for example, you'll need to choose insurance that takes into account the value of the car as a collector's item, and not simply as a means of transport.

Save by combining your home and auto insurance

Why not save money by combining your home and auto insurance? It's also the best way to benefit from additional advantages you won't get with a single policy.

To enhance the level of protection for your home and your vehicle, and to discover all the possible benefits, contact us!

With Intact Insurance Roadside Assistance, help is on the way

When it comes to cars, little things going wrong can leave you stranded. Roadside Assistance on the Intact Insurance app is here to help with:

  • Towing
  • Jump-starting your battery
  • Unlocking your car doors (if applicable)
  • Changing a flat tire (if applicable) 
  • Delivering gas
  • Winching (extracting a stuck)