What is commercial vehicle insurance?

Commercial vehicle

Commercial vehicle insurance provides coverage for all vehicles such as cars, trucks, vans, buses and trailers, used for commercial purposes. Companies have a duty to adequately protect their vehicles and drivers against financial risks and damage to other parties on the road.

In this area, the type of coverage abounds, and your AccèsConseil advisor is there to guide you and negotiate the best coverage for your company's needs.

Who is commercial vehicle insurance for?

Any company that owns or uses vehicles in the course of its business needs commercial vehicle insurance.

This includes businesses in construction, delivery, passenger transportation, car rental, landscaping and lawn care, commercial cleaning, moving, food service, auto repair and more.

Commercial vehicles include cars, trucks, vans, buses, trailers and other types of vehicles used for commercial purposes.

Commercial vehicles are exposed to different risks than personal vehicles. It is therefore compulsory to take out specific insurance to cover property damage, bodily injury and civil liability associated with their use.

Garage operator insurance

When a company is responsible for vehicles that do not belong to it, it must take out garage insurance to protect itself against potential damage to them. 

This insurance is important not only for garages, but also for resorts, valet restaurants, car washes, tow trucks and used car dealerships.

These businesses are responsible for the care and handling of vehicles belonging to their customers or third parties. Garage insurance can cover damage caused to vehicles parked on their property, while being driven or repaired.

Different types of garage operator insurance contracts exist, so your AccèsConseil advisor can help you better understand the different types of coverage available and guide you towards the best possible choice.

Garage operator insurance