Insurance specifically tailored to the risks you face

Construction is a specific business sector that involves many risks. 

Construction site

It's not for nothing that specific insurance policies have been set up for companies operating in this industry. Since the levels of protection required often vary from one project to the next, it's essential to be able to count on a trusted advisor who knows your projects and can analyze the insurance needs of each job site.

By working with an AccèsConseil advisor, you can be sure you'll be adequately protected, at all times, according to the needs and different risks your construction business faces.

Worksite insurance

Builders' risk insurance exists to cover the risks inherent in all construction, renovation and demolition work.

This insurance can be taken out by the site owner, contractor or subcontractors. It protects you, as it covers any damage to the site, materials and goods involved in the construction project. This insurance is important, as resuming construction work can incur very high costs in the event of damage.

"Wrap-up" insurance

"Wrap-up" insurance aims to cover all those involved in a construction project (owners, contractors, subcontractors, etc.) under a single insurance policy. This insurance is often underwritten by the owner or general contractor, and provides comprehensive coverage for third-party damage. It also reduces insurance costs for stakeholders, as all risks are grouped under a single policy. 

What's more, wrap-up insurance also improves risk management on a construction site, as it ensures more effective coordination of the various parties involved.

Bonding contract

A surety bond contract is a commitment by a surety company to reimburse a principal if the debtor is unable to honour its contractual obligations. It is therefore an insurance policy that allows a contractor to be certain of being paid for work done, in addition to also providing additional protection to the site owner, in the event of default by the contractor. This is important coverage if you work in the construction industry.

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Property insurance

In the construction industry, property insurance covers equipment, materials, tools, machinery and other physical assets used on a worksite. This insurance protects them in the event of fire, explosion, theft, vandalism, water damage and natural disasters. This insurance is important for contractors, as the cost of replacing assets can be very high, and have a major financial impact on the project.