What is cyber risk insurance for?

These days, the majority of businesses use internet technologies to carry out their day-to-day or sporadic operations.

cyber risk insurance

This reality leads to an ever-increasing number of cyber attacks. These attacks can have disastrous consequences for the company, ranging from data loss to financial fraud and identity theft. The costs associated with these incidents can be substantial. 

By taking out cyber risk insurance, a company can cover possible financial losses resulting from a breach of computer network security or theft of confidential data. These financial losses include notification costs, civil liability, data recovery costs and reputational costs.

Your AccèsConseil advisor is there to understand and analyze the risks facing your business, and to negotiate the best cyber risk protection for your needs.

What does cyber risk insurance protect?

Cyber risk insurance generally protects your business against:

  • Cyber attack
  • Data piracy
  • Ransomware
  • Civil liability in the event of a cyber attack
  • Crisis management and data restoration

Of course, coverage varies according to the type of business and its activities. 

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