Stay safe and secure at home with S.O.S Identity ®

With Intact Insurance’s extended home coverages, enjoy additional protection for your new reality. Add identity theft coverage and cyber protection to your home insurance policy, and stay safe when you work from home.

S.O.S Identity ®

Home insurance tailored to your needs

Home insurance

AccèsConseil helps you stay covered and protected under your roof. Whether you're a tenant, owner or co-owner, have a second home, work from home, etc., our team of advisors can help you see things more clearly and work to choose the best coverage by analyzing all eventualities and updating your policy following a change in your situation.

What's more, in the event of a claim, we're there to react immediately so that a settlement can be reached as quickly as possible. AccèsConseil is your best ally, especially when it comes to obtaining the best coverage for your situation.

Protecting your home

Did you know that there are several types of protections adapted to certain environmental conditions your property may face? These include coverage for:

  • Storm and high winds (including tornadoes and hurricanes);
  • Water damage (including floods, river overflows, sewer backups and water infiltration);
  • Earthquakes;
  • Fires (including forest fires, electrical fires, natural gas explosions and arson).
Home insurance

This way to savings!

Why not save money by combining your home and auto insurance? It's also the best way to benefit from additional advantages that you won't get with a single policy.

To enhance the level of protection for your home and your vehicle, and to discover all the possible benefits, contact us!