Protect your business with civil and professional liability insurance

The world is full of opportunities—and risks. Do you have the right insurance for your business? Your business’ survival may depend on it.

At AccèsConseil, we can help by assessing how your business could potentially harm third parties.

Our team’s specialized brokers can help you protect your operations and assets. They know what questions to ask, what risks to consider and, based on an analysis of your needs, what insurance to recommend.

General civil liability insurance

General civil liability insurance can save your business if you are liable for harm caused to a third party, including bodily or personal injury and damage to their personal effects, either during your operations or in related activities.

If you face legal action, general civil liability insurance can enable you to compensate third parties and cover your defence and settlement costs.

Our advisors can recommend the best insurance for your business and adjust the coverage to suit your needs.

Professional liability insurance

Have you ever heard of errors and omissions insurance? Anyone who offers professional services should have it. Also known as professional liability insurance, this coverage protects you from the financial consequences of a claim related to your civil liability in your professional practice.

Many of the things we do every day can lead to a lawsuit—and cost a lot of money. Civil liability insurance provides peace of mind to professionals who need to compensate a third party for injury they may have caused.

We can help you find the right type of coverage for your profession and its inherent risks.

Director or officer liability insurance

Leading an organization is a major responsibility. Sitting on the board of a company or organization, whether it’s for profit or not for profit, implies certain responsibilities that should not be taken lightly. You could be personally accused and held responsible for activities carried out on behalf of the organization, including wrongful dismissal.

Director or officer liability insurance covers the amounts you may be forced to pay to an injured third party, as well as your legal defence costs.

Make sure the organization you work for has this type of insurance. Talk to your broker and make sure your involvement remains enjoyable.