Choose the right Group Insurance plan

Group insurance plans can be affordable, as long as you implement the right strategies in your company.

With extensive experience in this field, AccèsConseil has developed a unique approach based on in-depth consultations with our clients and insurers.

Since higher insurance costs are directly related to stress, sedentary lifestyles and unhealthy habits, we promote permanent initiatives within businesses to improve employee health.

We can help you develop tools that will appreciably improve absenteeism rates while increasing performance at work. We will forge a trusting relationship with you—and you’ll notice the benefits.

Protect your key employee with the right Life Insurance coverage

Is your company highly dependent on a key employee? If so, count on us to assess the potential for financial loss if the key employee were to pass away or become unable to work.

There are different ways to protect your business, including insurance coverage that will allow you to train a replacement. You will safeguard the business while ensuring that you have the financial resources needed to maintain operations.

Make sure your partners are covered

Life insurance is essential for all business owners if you want to ensure that, in the event of death, all heirs are paid without compromising the company’s viability. If one of your partners falls ill, you may need help to reduce the impact on your business.

If one of your partners gets sick, will you need assistance to reduce the impact on your business? AccèsConseil can help you prepare for any scenario.

Choose the Group Retirement Savings Plan that suits your business best

Does the new law concerning voluntary retirement savings plans (VRSPs) apply to you? It’s time you thought about the different options available.

AccèsConseil will be your guide, whether you choose a:

  • deferred profit sharing plan (DPSP)
  • simplified pension plan (SPP)
  • group registered retirement savings plan (RRSP)
  • group tax-free savings account (TFSA)  
  • registered pension plan (RPP)

We strive to find the best solution for your business and explain the different options to you.